Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wellness Wednesday: Space and Peace

I am taking the new basic class from Energy Mirrors this week. Mirroring is about being present (getting your head where your feet are), and connecting to the one Field. We are not separate...much of the session we state -- in our head -- "We are all the Whole One Field," then drop to our breath, connecting to the SPACE rather than the energy.

Space is where all potential is. Look around: what makes up the room you are in? Did you focus on the stuff in the room: the books, pictures, papers, electronics? What about all the space that fills the room? Without space, you couldn't have the room. Space is where the potential is. If your room is already filled up with stuff, where is the potential there? Think about the potential of an empty room. It's the same with our own bodies and energy fields. And mostly it's the mind, generating energy from chronic nonstop thinking, filling our fields with stuff.

Everything is mostly space. Our bodies are made of cells, which are made of atoms (everything physical is made up of atoms). An atom consists of protons, neutrons and electrons -- tiny little particles. If you take those particles and compare them with the amount of space in the atom: there is 99% space! Look around the room; look outside. The trees, the grass, the houses...and notice at all the space. Up to the sky, and as far as you can see: space. Between the leaves on the tree, between the branches and blades of grass.

Think about our planet, the sun, stars, milky way, all the galaxies...but what about all the space between everything? Vast amounts of space. Without that space, nothing could have form. Everything would be mushed on top of everything. Maybe that's how it was before the Big Bang. There is so little matter compared to space, it was all just on top of itself with no differentiation, no form. But then suddenly BOOM: space, an expanding universe. Physical existence as we know it depends on space.

In energy mirroring, we mirror by connecting with space (potential); that is what allows the energy to reorganize, and allows us to heal. Today, throughout the day, put your focus on the space, and feel how different that is.

I was making myself a cup of yogi tea (Chai redbush...mmmm) to drink during my class, and I notice the tea bag said, "May this day bring you peace, tranquility, and harmony." Sweet. But what if this day does not bring me that? Do I not get to experience peace, tranquility and harmony?

Perhaps it would be nice to say: May you bring to this day peace, tranquility and harmony. That feels more empowering, more peaceful, even. Bringing peace from within to the earth. Suddenly I can feel the peace. Within me. Around me. Expanding the space.

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