Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ear Acupuncture Treatments Just $25 in December

For the entire month of December, we are offering stress-busting, health-building ear acupuncture treatments for just $25 a session! Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity! Whether you have never been in before or are a regular client or anywhere in between, these treatments are for you. 

In Chinese medicine, the ear is seen as a microsystem. This means that one part of the body to treat conditions present anywhere in the body. Another familiar microsystem is foot reflexology. Acupuncture points on the ear are stimulated with fine needles and the whole body, mind and spirit receives the benefit.

Ear acupuncture, also known as auricular acupuncture, has along history of use in China. In modern times, research has shown that auricular therapy stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s own feel good hormones.

Auricular acupuncture is especially effective for treating:
  • addictions
  • stress
  • post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  •  pain
  • headaches
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • whatever ails you: the whole body is treated through the ear.
A special ear needle protocol using five main points is used to help with detoxification, stress relief, and to give emotional, physical, and psychological support. Ear acupuncture is also incredibly effective in treating pain, ameliorating headaches, and decreasing insomnia, depression and anxiety.
These five needles balance the nervous system (shen men point), the endocrine system (sympathetic point), and balance the entire body by stimulating points relating to the three major organs of detoxification: lungs, liver and kidneys. Together these five points increase relaxation and rejuvenation. This powerful point combination can also align the body, release pain, and decrease insomnia, headaches, anxiety and depression.

Ear treatment can be used as part of a regular treatment, but in December we are offering this balancing, stress-reducing five point ear protocol for just $25 a session! This offer is open to all clients: new and returning clients. You can come as many times as you like. These treatments do not require an extensive intake, and you can be on your way in less than an hour (the needles are usually in for 30 - 45 minutes.)

When you make your appointment, please let Dave know if you want to schedule for a ear acupuncture treatment only. This is a great gift to yourself in December, a month where we all do so much for other people. Take the time to relax, rejuvenate and feel your best!

Call or email with any questions or to schedule an appointment: (412) 381-0116.

Happy Holidays!

David Sokulski
licensed acupuncturist

Birch Center for Health

(412) 381-0116

Monday, November 24, 2014

Do Your Holiday Shopping at Birch Center!

 As the holiday season approaches, many consider local gifting for their holiday shopping. Thanks for doing your holiday shopping at Birch Center, where you can gift loved ones with healthy, clutter-free gifts! Check out what we have to offer you this holiday season. Thanks!
Give the gift of health with a Birch Center Gift Certificate!

You can now buy gift certificates to the Birch Center for Health online!

You can purchase a specific service or package, or choose an amount and let the recipient decide on which services they'd like! (If you want an amount different than what is offered, simply call us at (412) 381-0116 and we can take your order over the phone.)

Choose Services and/or Amount
Pick Up or Ship

Package of 4 Acupuncture Treatments

Buy a package of 4 acupuncture treatments and pay only $220 (savings of $40!) You may buy as many packages as you'd like, for yourself or as gifts.

4 Acupuncture Treatment Package for $220


Winter Foraging Wild Food Feasting

Check out Melissa's new book about winter wild edibles! Great recipes, perfect for the holidays (and everyday!) You can get it directly from the Food Under Foot website, or buy from Amazon Kindle!


Wild Ally Workbook

 by Melissa Sokulski, L.Ac.

This amazing workbook is a great way to begin to learn about wild edible plants, or to deepen your knowledge.

Not only do you choose the plant you will work with, you get to choose the price of the workbook itself.


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Getting Stuck In Pittsburgh


Interested in Wild Edibles?

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And if you visit the Birch Center, in Pittsburgh's historic south side neighborhood right on East Carson Street, you can also purchase our hand-made SMUDGE STICKS, proceeds of which go to benefit local animal shelters. Thanks!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Making Smudge Sticks and Moxibustion

You may know that one of our passions is teaching about and using wild plants as food and medicine. We write about that on a website called Food Under Foot. Today, because it is related to acupuncture and wellness, I am sharing with you what we have been doing this autumn with a wild plant found and collected locally.

We have gathered Mugwort or Artemisia vulgaris, which in Chinese Medicine is known as Ai Ye. It is considered warming (it is especially known as "warming the womb" and is used frequently to treat women with infertility.) One common way it is used is burned as moxa or moxabustion on or over acupuncture points or on acupuncture needles.

You can read a testimonial from Birch Center acupuncturist David Sokulski's patient, who came to see him with infertility. He treated her with a combination of acupuncture and moxibustion (as she describes) and the result: a beautiful baby girl! Read her story here.

This month we made our own moxa and smudges (which are used to clear energy) with wild local mugwort. Mugwort grows everywhere in Pittsburgh! It is considered by most to be a weed. It grows along the river, in the parks, in our yard, in vacant lots, along the get the picture. One way to recognize it is to look at the underside of its feathery leaves: they will be white. This is a trademark of all Artemisia, connecting them to Artemis, the goddess of the moon. (The silvery white underside of its leaves links it to the moon.) If you crush the leaves in your hand you will notice a delicious fragrant aroma. You have found Artemisia vulgaris. (If you are ever able to go on a wild edibles walk with us, we point it out every time! To hear about our walks, sign up for Food Under Foot's newsletter.)

First we harvested lots of mugwort and we hung it to dry:

Once dry, we bundled it into smudges. To some of them we added lavender. Here is Ella bundling the smudges.

Here are the finished smudges, which are available to purchase at the Birch Center. Proceeds from the smudge sales go to benefit Animal Friends (a no kill shelter) and Western PA Humane Society (from where we adopted our dear dog Maggie, who passed away last year.)

We also took the loose leaves from the mugwort and crushed them into moxa. The white on the underside of the leaves is actually a fiber, and it is this fiber which makes the moxabustion:

Here is a picture of a burning moxa cone:

Our handmade moxa is so wonderful: green and incredibly fragrant, as are the smudges, which I cannot get enough of! The smudges burn slowly (you need to relight them unlike incense) and will last a long time.

Moxa is warming and moves energy and is used often in acupuncture treatments.

Call us with questions or to schedule an appointment: (412) 381-0116.

As the weather gets colder it is a great time for an acupuncture tune-up, or to deal with those nagging symptoms before winter.

Talk to you soon!

David and Melissa Sokulski
licensed acupuncturists

Birch Center for Health

(412) 381-0116

Read all of Dave's clients' testimonials here!

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Testimonial - No More Back Pain

We just received a great testimonial from one of Birch Center Acupuncturist David Sokulski's clients and had to share it with you. Great to hear about people regaining health and happiness.

I just want to thank you for getting my back into optimal health!  I have tried so many different things and acupuncture as a last resort.  I wish I would have done it immediately and tell everyone how it has helped heal my back pain.  I felt depressed and defeated because not only was I in pain, but I had to stop all activities.  For an active person that was the hardest part.  I felt something immediately when I had my first treatment and definitely had relief after my first series.  I look forward to the Seasons changing so I can come in for my tune-ups!!!  Thank you so much again!
        ~ L..H. from Pittsburgh

If you were on the fence about acupuncture call us today! (412) 381-0116. You will be so happy you did!

Read more testimonials from David's clients! 

~ David and Melissa Sokulski
licensed acupuncturists

(412) 381-0116 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Walk With Us Wednesday, August 27, 2014


People have been requesting evening wild edibles walks, so let's see how it goes! Join us this Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 6:30 pm at the Schenley Oval in Pittsburgh, PA.

Easy Walk:  Flat, 1K (0.67 mile) loop around Schenley Oval. Pittsburgh, PA.

Type of Walk: Educational! We will find and discuss about 20 edible and medicinal plants on the walk. We will discuss how to identify and use these common plants. Bring your camera, a notebook and a bag if you want to collect some Hawthorn berries.

Cost: $10 adults, $5 kids age 6 - 17, (kids 5 and under are free)

Where: Schenley Oval. We’ll meet by the bathrooms at the top of the oval, near the track.

When: 6:30 pm until about 8 pm or so.

Facilities: Bathroom, Port-a-Potties, water fountains.

RSVP: Please let me know if you are coming on the walk! Please email We are going to limit the walk to 20 people, so if more than 20 want to come we may be able to offer a second walk on Thursday evening. Please RSVP as soon as you can, thanks!


We hope you are able to join us next Wednesday evening, August 27, 2014 at 6:30 pm for a walk on the 1K loop around the Schenley oval in Pittsburgh, PA. We were just up there today and were amazed at the bounty of wild edible and medicinal plants! In one loop around the oval we saw over 20 plants (and mushrooms!) we can discuss including Dryad’s saddle (this early spring mushroom comes back in the fall!), red clover, dandelion, burdock, motherwort, Hawthorn, lambs quarters, acorns, plantain, wood sorrel and so much more!
red clover
red clover

Hawthorne berries, or Haws
Hawthorne berries, or Haws

Self Heal, or Heal-All
Self Heal, or Heal-All

Our weekends are booked through mid-September, but look for some fall hikes coming up at the end of September and into October.

Hope to see you there!

Questions? Call Dave at (412) 381-0116

Register by email:

$10 adults, $5 kids 6 - 17 (kids 5 and under free), bring cash or check to walk


Sunday, July 13, 2014

10 Thing You May Not Know About The Birch Center...But Really Should

10 Things You May Not Know About Birch Center...But Really Should

1.  Birch Center provides some of the best acupuncture the city has to offer! Birch Center Acupuncturist David Sokulski has been practicing acupuncture over 15 years and has been in the same location on the south side for nearly 9 years.

2. All acupuncturists at The Birch Center are licensed by Pennsylvania's Board of Medicine.

3. If your condition/treatment calls for extra techniques such as moxabustion, cupping, or gwa sha (a type of massage treatment) it is provided to you at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

4. Birch Center Acupuncturist David Sokulski regularly treats professional athletes, professional actors, dancers and musicians with excellent results.

5. We love to celebrate our Birch Center Babies: healthy happy babies born to moms who had come to the Birch Center and were successfully treated for infertility. Read about one mom's experience here.

6. We carry the absolute best Reishi - the mushroom of immortality - found anywhere in Pittsburgh or beyond. It has been legally and sustainably harvested (by us!) in Pennsylvania's old growth forests and thus contains no sprays, sulfites, or chemicals of any kind as the imported Reishi does. It is extremely fresh and powerful. AND, if you haven't tried it but would like to, Dave will give you a FREE SAMPLE of this Reishi at your next appointment, just ask.

7. We regularly use moxabustion to turn breech babies, which according to studies is 73% effective! This treatment requires NO NEEDLES and is relaxing, non-invasive and entirely pain-free.

8. On-street parking outside the office is EASY during the day, and is FREE after 6pm.

9. We were recently featured in NextPittsburgh's article Healthy South Side. You can also read about us in the Post-Gazette, Trib PM and City Paper.

10. Acupuncture treats mental/emotional conditions as well as physical conditions. People with anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADD/ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders, addictions, OCD and other disorders find much relief with acupuncture.


Dave sees clients by appointment:
 Monday - Friday, 8am - 9pm.

Call or text: (412) 381-0116
for an appointment today!

Or email:

Friday, July 11, 2014

Acupuncturist David Sokulski's Theatrical Debut

Acupuncturist David Sokulski's Theatrical Debut

This month Birch Center Acupuncturist David Sokulski will make his musical theater debut in Robert Morris's production of Damn Yankees! Come see your acupuncturist sing, dance and act as The Commissioner of baseball!

The show runs Thursday July 24 through Sunday July 27. Sunday show will be a matinee and Thursday, Friday and Saturday are evening shows. Tickets are available at the door of Massey Theater (Colonial Theater) on Robert Morris's campus in Moon.

Hope to see you there! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dave Is Speaking At Our Clubhouse Tonight

Acupuncture Talk at Our Clubhouse
David Sokulski

Tonight, Wednesday, July 9, Birch Center Acupuncturist David Sokulski is giving a talk about acupuncture at Our Clubhouse, formerly Gilda's Club, in the Strip District.

Our Clubhouse provides comfort, care and hope to people who are touched by cancer. It is for those diagnosed with cancer and friends and family members of those diagnosed.

Dinner is at 6:00 pm and Dave's talk begins at 6:30. There are still some spots left. If you are a member of Our Clubhouse call to register at  412-338-1919.

If you are interested in membership check out their website or give them a call at the number above. Membership is free as are all activities offered there, including talks, support groups, arts and crafts and yoga.