Sunday, February 10, 2008

Simplify Sunday

It's nice to bring my own bag(s) because then I don't have the overload of paper and plastic bags at home, though I do reuse some. It feels nice, too, to do a little something for the planet.

I'm about to start knitting another one as a gift for Dave's mom.

And to tie it in to the Birch Center: I plan to carve a little corner of our library out for knitting (and knitters.) I'll add my knitting books to the library, and also extra skeins of yarn to trade, as well as my many needles in all widths and sizes that people can check out (like library books!) to use for their projects. It also might be nice to have knitting groups there, and maybe ongoing squares or scarves that people can pick up and knit on if they are waiting for a friend or appointment. The scarves and blankets (once the pieces are sewn together) can then be donated to those in need.

Library update: we're getting the library together! It's going great. If you have any books on alternative medicine, health, wellness, nutrition, cookbooks (or raw food prep books), knitting books, etc to donate, we will happily accept them! Also: bookshelves, chairs and small love-seats would be greatly well as knitting needles(though I have quite a few for starters!) Thank you!

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Wendi Dee said...

I love how you are using your space for so many great ideas! I'd love to come and knit there--it's so comfortable and peaceful!

Lots of love to you,