Friday, November 8, 2013

Autumn and the Metal Element: Lungs

We are in the throes of fall! Cooler weather, windy days, beautiful leaves dropping off trees leaving bare branches.

At the Birch Center we are seeing lots of manifestations of the season: lung ailments.

In Chinese Medicine, the season autumn relates to the metal element, which corresponds in the body to the Lungs and Large Intestine. People are noticing:
  • asthma flair-ups
  • colds and flu
  • increase in allergies
  • pneumonia
  • coughs and bronchitis
  • eczema and skin ailments
  • IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) flair-ups
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
Fall is also a time of year when anything can make a comeback: old injuries, joint pain, sleeplessness, fatigue. It is a great time of year to come in for a treatment, whether for something specific or a tune-up! (We recommend acupuncture "tune-ups" at the change of seasons to clients who either have been in before and had their issue resolved as a way to maintain balance and optimal health, and also for people curious about acupuncture but who have no specific ailments.)

Come on in and see us today. For an appointment call or text message head acupuncturist David Sokulski at (412) 381-0116. He is also happy to answer any questions you have about acupuncture. You can also send him an email at

Thanks so much and we hope you are enjoying the beautiful autumn!

In health,

David and Melissa Sokulski

licensed acupuncturists

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