Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wellness Wednesday: The Moon

There is a full lunar eclipse tonight! However, we now have lots of cloud cover again, so I don't know if we're going to see it. I love lunar eclipses...and I love the moon.

It's empowering to know about the moon's cycle. It's also great for your health to get out in the night for moonlight on your skin. Sleeping under the moon regularly would be is said that one way to help regulate your menstrual cycle is to get as much moonlight as possible.

As there is a Sun Salutation in yoga, there is also a moon salutation (Chandra Namaskara.) Actually, I have seen quite a few different versions of it, but the one I initially learned is the one I enjoy the most. It was created by women at Kripalu in the 1980's, and consists of a series of sidebends and standing poses, going into the five-point star, down through the squat and up the other side. This website contains good visuals of the asanas.

I hope wherever you are, you enjoy the moon!

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