Friday, February 15, 2008

Energy Mirroring

I just finished taking the NEW Basic class of energy mirroring -- a six day 36 hour class. The first time I took the class was in 2002 (once you pay for one, you can take it again and again for free!) and it has shifted so much.

It was such an amazing class they are offering again next month (usually it is once every 6 months or so), and they are having a FREE open house webinar at the end of February. The following is information right off their website (the "latest news" page):

The new Basic class was such a hit that another has been requested by many of you, so.....we will be having another NEW BASIC class from Monday, March 24, to Saturday, March 29.

An EnergyMirrors OPEN HOUSE, an informational and free webinar, will take place on Thurday, February 28th. See below for details. To register, contact us at 1-866-618-1744.

If you are interested at all in this work, I highly recommend you "attend" (by phone and web) the open house on February 28. Mary Lynch, MD, the founder of energy mirrors will be talking for the first hour (she is a very powerful speaker), and then she will be answering your questions the second hour. I will be there, that's for sure!

If you do sign up for either the free open house or the new basic class, please let them know that I sent you!

Also, if you want to experience a session or more of this energy mirroring work, I am offering special discounted rates through the end of February. Please see our January Newsletter for more information! (The information at the end of the newsletter.)

Thank so much!
~ Melissa Sokulski, L.Ac.

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