Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday is such an appropriate place to start this new blog. I think these themed days will help me organize my thoughts and write more regularly. I've taken the idea of themed entries from my good friends at -- whose friendship and website I am indeed thankful for!
I am also thankful for the stack of sustainably-harvested young birch trees that are in our office right now. We just got back from an amazing vacation in Spencertown, NY, where some other good friends have just bought a home and land. They haven't moved in yet, so we went up to keep the house company for a long weekend. It is the first time we've been away in years. It was beautiful, rural, quiet. No computer, tv, telephone, even our cell phone did not work. Only ten minutes from an amazing yarn store whose stock was all on sale. Also 10 minutes from my cousins and from Hawthorne Valley School and Biodynamic Farm. In fact, the birch trees came from there, and were harvested by my cousin, who takes care of the grounds at Hawthorne Valley.
So now the Birch Center will be decorated and blessed with actual beautiful white birch, which will remind me of the incredible beauty of the land in that area of New York, and of our wonderful time and our sweet friends, who so generously let us stay there.
Thank you!