Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Treatment Tuesday: Turning a Breech Baby

Many people may not know this, but acupuncture is quite successful in turning breech babies! American tudies have shown 60-70% success rate, while Chinese studies put the success rate at 80-90%!. And the treatment is comfortable and easy: just heating the outside of the (mother's) little toe with a moxa pole.

A moxa pole is a cigar-shaped stick made from the Chinese Herb Ai Ye, commonly known as mugwort (Artemesia vulgaris. A Chinese species of Artemesia - similar to vulgaris - is also commonly used.)

The point on the outside of the little toe is Bladder 67: the last point on the bladder meridian, which runs from the eye over the back of the head, down the back (connected to all the organs by points along the spine), down the back of the legs and running on the outside of the foot to the baby toe.

At the Birch Center we often combine this treatment with acupuncture (though it can be done alone.) The acupuncture treatment helps relax and balance the energy in the body and is often helpful at any stage in pregnancy. Often the mom reports feeling the baby become very active right away or later that day. We send her home with a moxa pole and diagram of just how to do the treatment, and let her spouse or friend continue the treatment until the baby has turned (usually to be checked by midwife or doctor.)

The treatment is usually done at the end of the pregnancy: after 36 weeks. This is so that once the baby turns it has less chance of turning back around.

For more information you can visit our website: www.BirchCenter.com/breech, or give us a call at (412) 381-0116.

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