Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day with Raw Chocolate and Personal Training

Happy Mother's Day!!!

If you love chocolate dipped strawberries on Mother's Day, but pass them up for health reasons (too much sugar, corn syrup and who knows what else!), you may get your wish this year. There is a great company, based in Pittsburgh but ships everywhere, that sells a wonderful raw cacao sauce, full of all natural ingredients, called Love Street Living Foods. (The chocolate sauce is shown in the picture, with the strawberries, yum.)
They also sell wonderful superfood items such as Goji Berries (click here for our post on them), maca, dried mulberries, and other yummies. Definitely a website worth checking out.

And if you are in Pittsburgh: Jon-Michael Kerestes, the owner of Love Street Living Foods, extends this offer to you: Personal Training at a price you can afford. Here is his email to me:

If you ever run into clients that want to lose weight using physical exercise, I'd be happy to work with them. I used to train with the Olympic Training Center judo team for 2 years in Colorado Springs. I started a new pricing structure where I work by however much they think it was worth. The main goal is to try to make as big an impact as possible and not letting money get in the way.

I have a friend who is training with him now and she loves it. But let me tell you, it is hard work! He is serious about helping you reach your goals and seeing results.

So please visit Jon-Michael's website, his contact information is on there. (And let him know we sent you!)

Happy Mother's Day to all of you! And remember your own moms, wherever they are. Have a joy-filled day.

Love and Light,
Melissa Sokulski
The Birch Center for Health

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