Sunday, February 22, 2009

Raw Food Meet-Up

Today was another fun and delicious raw food meet up! If you're not a member of the Pittsburgh raw food meetup group, it's free to join and you'll get notices/invitations for all the great potlucks and meetings that are held monthly. You can join here.

Today we met at the Peaceburgh sound studios in East Liberty, to kick off Kevin and Ann Marie Gianni's cross country tour! If you're not familiar with Kevin and Ann Marie (above), they host the Renegade Health show, where they have daily videos with fitness info, nutritional info, and on Wednesdays Ann Marie prepares a lovely raw food dish (my favorite day to tune in!)

They are from Connecticut, but are part of Steeler nation, so chose to kick off their tour right here in Pittsburgh! They'll be touring the country in a veggie-oil powered RV named the Kale Whale, talking about health and nutrition. Check out their website for more information on when they'll be heading your way...and who knows, maybe they'll come back to Pittsburgh some time!

And we had a wonderful pot luck, sampling delicious raw dishes! There was a cacao/carob/coconut cake today that was scrumptious, and some delicious dehydrated crackers topped with avocado that I felt were divine. My own contribution was a sunflower seed dip, with yellow, orange and red pepper strips for dipping. Mmmmm.

Much love and light,
~ Melissa

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