Monday, February 2, 2009

Mmm...Monday: Nori Wraps with Enoki Mushrooms

These wraps are so delicious! Thanks to my friend Jill for showing me how to roll the nori into those little cones...perfect for stuffing full of delicious vegetables!

I'll try to explain it:

  • cut the nori sheet into fourths.
  • Start at one corner and moisten one side going down, and one side going across (starting from the same corner - I wet my finger with a little water to moisten the sides.)
  • Take the two opposite corners (where the moistening ended) and fold them towards each other, sticking the moistened edges together, and viola!

Those alien-looking white things are enoki new favorite thing! I first had them at the last raw food meetup (at Trish's.) I was lucky enough to spend the day with Trish preparing food for the meetup, and she introduced me to this delicious delicacy!

I think they have them at the natural food stores, but Trish's tip was to pick them up at an Asian market: here in Pittsburgh there are a couple in the Strip.

As you can see, after I rolled the nori into a cone, I placed some enoki mushrooms in, then added sprouts, grated daikon, grated carrots and avocado.

The dipping sauce: Tamari with a splash of raw apple cider vinegar and a shake of ginger powder. Yum! (The little salad in the picture is the leftover grated carrots and daikon.)


Much love,
~ Melissa

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Added Wednesday, Feb 4, 2009:

An alert reader of the blog let me know that there was recently a recall on Enoki Mushrooms! Here is all the information, so if you went out and bought the delicious enokimaki nori rolls from Monday's post, please check to make sure your package was not recalled.

Thank you!

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