Monday, February 25, 2013

Detox With Ear Acupuncture And Herbal Tea

In Chinese medicine, ear detox treatment consists of five points, which balance and support detox organs and systems of detox. We needle shen men, which balances the nervous system, sympathetic point, which balances the endocrine system, and then the 3 organs of detoxification; lungs, liver and kidneys.

These points can help when the body is detoxing from anything physical to emotional. These points are used in hospital detox clinics as part of the support for people detoxing from drugs and alcohol. They can also be used when people are detoxing from sugar, caffeine, nicotine, wheat, dairy, or even unhealthy relationships, lifestyle choices, or toxic thoughts and self-talk. Needling these points bring immediate and lasting balance and relief.

Another way to support the body with detox is with herbal tea. We can choose herbs which mirror and support the points and organ systems chosen:
  • oatstraw for the nervous system
  • cleavers for men and red raspberry leaves for women, to support the endocrine system
  • nettles to support the kidneys
  • dandelion to support liver
  • mullein to support lungs
We can choose one at a time, mix and match, and add things like lemon balm, spearmint and peppermint for flavor.

Many of these plants can be found right outside most people's doors. They can be harvested, dried and stored to have available year round. We have a sister website, Food Under Foot, filled with information, pictures, videos and recipes for identifying and using wild plants. Cleavers, nettles, dandelions and mullein are easy spring weeds to find.

We are also holding a wild herbal tea workshop this summer at the Birch Center, which will include a wild edibles walk, discussion of medicinal herbs for tea and a tea tasting. We hope you'll attend.

If you have any questions about ear acupuncture detox, acupuncture, or herbal tea, please give us a call today: (412) 381-0116.

Be well,
~ Melissa and David Sokulski
Birch Center For Health

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