Friday, October 10, 2008

Foraging Friday

It's foraging Friday, and today we did indeed go foraging. Above is a picture taken a week or so ago of me and Ella cracking into our black walnuts (she with a hammer, me with a rock)...I LOVE them!

Today we hiked around Frick Park and not only found an enormous abundance of black walnuts, but we finally came across (and tasted) some hickory nuts. To me, they tasted like black walnuts, only a bit sweeter.

And, we have to send a special thank you to our friend Grace, who graciously called to offer us some deliciously ripe paw paws that her friend Taylor had found while in Berkeley Springs, WVa! Thanks for sharing!

1 comment:

Wendi Dee said...

Cute picture!

You know I'm sooo happy for you that you got some paw paws!!! We have some house stuff to get done this weekend, but maybe we can power through it today so that we can head out tomorrow to find some. Do you think the season is over, now?

Lots of love to you!