Sunday, September 14, 2008

Steel City Sunday: Palace of Gold

In an attempt to stay true to the themes of this blog, today I'll share with you a place we visited yesterday, just over an hour outside Pittsburgh. We ventured to New Vrindaban, WV (outside Wheeling) to visit the Palace of Gold.

The Palace itself is an amazing, ornate tribute to the man who brought the Hare Krishna movement to the US: Prabhupada. It was built by disciples - who had no previous building skills - in the 1970's as a place where Prabhupada could come and stay and do his work of translating Sanskrit texts into English. Along with a tour of the palace and a walk through the palace's beautiful gardens, we visited the temple and talked to many people who live there today.

The community was so friendly and open, and had organic gardens and even runs a small farm training center. The animals we saw (cows and goats) were happy and healthy. It was really a pleasure to discover this hidden gem so close to Pittsburgh!

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