Friday, July 4, 2008

Foraging Friday: Super Greens!

Here is a mix of greens, weeds, and edible flowers that I have been making green smoothies with every morning and evening! For people who read both my journals, I won't repeat myself here, but if you want to know more about what is in the mix of greens and wild edibles, or know more about the green smoothie challenge, please visit Melissa's Raw Food and Juice Journal.

At the moment, I am eating lots of wild greens: lamb's quarters, shepard's purse, red clover (greens and blossoms), and lady's thumb...which has sparked a bit of interest around here when I noticed it is the same genus as He Shou Wu (or Fo Ti), which I am also taking as a Chinese Herb. Hmmmm, and here it is growing wild all over my garden (not he shou wu, but it's relative, lady's thumb.) So I am looking more into that and how it is and isn't similar. From the picture in my Chinese Herb book, he shou wu looks more similar to another relative that grows like a weed (it is a weed!) around Pittsburgh: Japanese Knotweed. So I will study further and report back. I'll also take pictures.

He Shou Wu (Fo Ti) is Polygonum multiflori, and has lots of those anti-aging properties I talked about in an earlier blog post, and I am taking it specifically for those properties of helping kidney energy: reproductive system, teeth, and early graying of the hair. (The name translates as "Mr. Wu's black hair".)

Lady's thumb is Polygonum persicaria and that has been going into my smoothie.

Japanese Knotweed is Polygonum cuspidatum, I have not eaten this yet, but we see it all along the roadside and riverside around here.

Have a great weekend!

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