Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Powerful Medicinal Mushrooms Grow Wild Across North America

Here's my latest article which was recently published in Natural News magazine: Powerful Medicinal Mushrooms Grow Wild Across North America...

(Natural News) The West is catching on to what the East has known for thousands of years: mushrooms are beneficial to health. They increase immunity, provide vital nutrients, and have been shown to fight cancer. Many of the most powerful medicinal mushrooms like Reishi and Maitake grow wild right all around North America and are easy to find once one knows what to look for. (Read the rest of the article)

And these are only a few of the medicinal mushrooms which grow wild!

If you are in Western PA and interested in identifying mushrooms, check out The Western PA Mushroom Club. They now have chapters in Allegheny, Indiana and Washington/Greene counties!

Much love,

Melissa Sokulski, L.Ac.

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