Monday, November 10, 2008

Antibacterial Soap

Yesterday our November newsletter went out. I mentioned as a way to stay healthy through the winter: Wash your hands, but not with antibacterial soap.

But then I never said why.

I meant to explain that, sorry!

There is controversy about the antibacterial soap...this is what I have heard:

  • it is getting into our ground water and killing fish and plant life.
  • doctors are finding that when everyone uses it, it becomes less effective for them in hospitals.
  • using antibacterial soap regularly kills off "good" bacteria that live on our skin and in our bodies and actually protects us and keeps us healthy
  • upsetting the balance of flora on our skin and in our bodies can actually cause yeast overgrowth (yeast and bacteria usually keep each other in check.)
  • using the antibacterial soap can also cause some "bad" bacteria to grow into super strong strains.

Thanks for the questions...I'm sorry I left it out.

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Thanks so much.

~ Melissa

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