Friday, February 3, 2012

Space Available to Rent at Birch Center

We have space to rent at the Birch Center!

Our space is lovely, right on East Carson Street (up one flight of stairs) in Pittsburgh's South Side. It has a waiting room, bathroom and three treatment rooms. The ones in front and back are up for can rent them for a certain day (or days) of the week and pay monthly. For example, perhaps you want to see clients on Fridays, you could choose which room you'd like and it would be reserved for you (and only you) every Friday. You can see clients any time of day for however long you wish and choose what to charge. Instead of taking a percentage, we'd just charge a small monthly fee ($150/month for one day/week. Add $100 month for each day per week.)

That is a flat fee, you would not pay for utilities. You and your clients are also welcome to the water and tea we have available. There are also massage tables in the rooms which you are welcome to use (but please bring your own sheets.) This would be your own practice, you get to attract and schedule your own clients, and of course you can advertise at the Birch Center!

We are looking for massage therapists, energy therapists, body workers. Also health coaches, nutritional counselors, homeopaths, EFT, therapists, etc. The space would even be great as a study space for students or writing space for writers. Also yoga therapists or one on one yoga sessions. (Even the front space isn't quite big enough for actual yoga classes, but private yoga sessions would be great.) We will still be using the space as well (we are acupuncturists) so there cannot be lots of noise during sessions.

Our website has more information about us and what we do. If you would like to see the space or talk more about it, just call us at (412) 381-0116.

Thanks so much!

David and Melissa Sokulski
licensed acupuncturists

The Birch Center for Acupuncture
(412) 381-0116

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