Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wild Ally Workbook Available Now

For all of you interested in learning more about Wild Edible Plants, I am excited to share this amazing new workbook with you.

It's called Wild Plant Ally Workbook, and it will take you through the process of learning all about wild edibles.

For more information on this book, please visit us here.

It has been wonderful having so many of you join us for Wild Edibles Walks over the years (the next one is scheduled for Saturday, April 16, 2011 - Earth Day at Frick Park, stay tuned!) One question I hear a lot is what is the best way to learn about wild edible plants?

That is why I put this book together. And I've made it accessible to all who are interested (you get to choose your own price!) Please go check it out now. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks so much!

In health,

~ David and Melissa Sokulski, L.Acs.

Licensed Acupuncturists
The Birch Center for Health
(412) 381-0116

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